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Dallas Online Forever's Updates

July 11
1) Website back up and updated
2) Added three chapters to mine story, JR's Suprise, Fimilar Faces, and The Wedding.
3) Redone Sarah & Jane's Fanfiction, added their fifth chapter "Trust".
4) Added two articles, one of Victoria Principal and the other is one of Donna Mills from Knots Landing.
6) Added some pictures, not all of them, its gonna take me a few day to get them all upload.
7) Check out the links page, if you have a website and want it me to link it, just email me or tell me on my message board.
8) Check out the guestbook and Message board!!
9) Added all of JR's and some of Sue Ellen's quotes, give a couple of days to get them all of them up, I have alot of them, I have the Dallas & Larry Hagman's Trivia up, I have alot of trivia so give me a couple of days and I will get them all of up.
10) I added Barbara Bel Geddes, Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, Victoria Principal, Jim Davis, Linda Gray & Charlene Tilton's Profiles up but only have Barbara, Jim, Patrick, Larry & Victoria's Biographies up.
July 30
1) Added a new member to the Howard Keel's Fanlisting, Added a new member to JR/SueEllen Fanlisting.
2) Added all of the quotes including some new JR's Quotes
3) Added the Dallas Trivia
4) Added Sarah and Jane's Chapter "Full Circle"
5) Redone the fanlisting, added new codes to all of them.
6) Added a new section called other fanlistings, which I have join and you can join too.
July 31
1) Added JR/SE Picture section
2) Got added the wallpaper section
3) For KL4ever, I added the only Pamela/Bobby & Miss/Jock Pictures I had over in the couple section.
August 3
1) Added the rest of JR/Sue Ellen Pictures
2) JR Ewing's Fanlisting Official open Today!!!! Please Join!!!
3) Barbara Bel Geddes's Official Fanlisting open!!! Please Join!!!
4) Added some new pictures under Couples and Individual pictures.
5) Added a new member to JR/SE Fanlisting!!!
6) Added a new link over on the link page!!!!
August 14
1) Added a new section called New Pictures, these are the new pictures of the characters individuals. Added 30 pictures over there.
2) Added some new pictures over at the cast, individual and couples, I have to thank Susan aka Amy Farlow for letting me use her Clayton/Ellie pictures, I'm using for my Ellie/Clayton fanlisting and thought I would post them up with the other. Added 1 Cast picture, 3 Clayton/Miss Ellie Pictures, 1 Bobby Picture, 2 Charlene Picture.
3) The official fanlisting for my favorite character in the world, SUE ELLEN EWING opens!!! Please Join.
4) Added two new wallpaper, one of Barbara Eden and one of the Dallas Cast.
5) Added a member to Barbara Bel Geddes' Fanlisting
6) Added three member to JR/SE fanlisting.

August 23
1) Added my new story "Whatever Happen to Lacy's Mother"
2) Linda Gray's Official Fanlisting is open today!!!
August 25
1) Added five members to JR/SE Fanlisting!!! I'm so happy about this fanlisting!!!!
2) Added one member to SE Fanlisting!!!
August 26
1) Added a member to Linda Gray's Fanlisting.
2) Redone Deborah Shelton's Official Website Address for Christo!!!
September 4
1) Added JR/SE pictures section, kept up The Cast and Various Pictures.
2) Added one member to Linda's Gray's Fanlisting.
3) Added two members to JR/SE Fanlisting.
4) Added a member to Barbara Bel Geddes' Fanlisting.
5) Added a member to Sue Ellen Ewing's Fanlisting.
September 09
1) Charlene Tilton's Fanlisting is official open...please join!!
September 17
1) Miss Ellie and Clayton's Fanlisting is official open...please join!!
2) Added more other fanlisting in the other fanlisting section....
October 1
1) Added the new picture section call...Dallas Online Forever's Picture Gallery...I added JR, Sue Ellen, and Pamela's individuals...added JR and Sue Ellen's together...added the Cast and Various Pictures with it. I'm gonna work on it this weekend...so I have more up. I know I've had this section down for awhile and just got to work on it some tonight.
October 5
1. Added two members to the Howard Keel's Fanlisting.
2. Added two members to Sue Ellen Ewing's Fanlisting.
3. Added two members to JR/SE Fanlisting.
4. Added two members to Linda Gray's Fanlisting.
5. Added one member to Jim Davis' Fanlisting.
6. Added one member to Barbara Bel Geddes' Fanlisting.
7. Added one member to Ewings VS. Barnes' Fanlsiting
October 17
1. Redone my Links Section...wrote a summary about each site and add a few.
2. Added Bobby and Donna Picture section over at the Gallery. I'm gonna get the rest of them up...just give me time. It takes me awhile to get them up.
3. Redone Fanlisting...put them all in one section...it was making the website too big. Please join them...I beg of you.
4. Add a new guestbook...if you've already sign it...you don't have to sign it again...I transfer from the old guestbook.
5. Added a member to JR and Sue Ellen Fanlisting.
6. Added a member to Clayton/Miss Ellie Fanlisting.
7. I'm in the middle of redoing the forum...so go over there and join and post some. Comments and suggesting would be nice.
8. Redone my All About The Creator section..so check it out.
9. Redone my Fanfiction and added some new stories. Added After Dallas and New Beginning which are mine. Added Jane and Sarah's JR & Sue Ellen--The Way Things Should Have Been and I will be updating these two fanfics soon. Added My Baby, Your Daughter which that is Stephaine's Story. Added Danger Liaisons which is DallasFan8304. Added Dallas: Second Chances which is SueEllenE_1967 story. Added JR Brewing story It Was A Dream. Added DMS story I Would've Loved You Anyway. Then coming soon is Old Friends and Letting Go which are Sarah's. Could It Be Too Late which is JR Brewing and Jane. Finding My Way Back and Just Like Old Times which are DMS.
October 23
1) Added the Reunion Page...on front page in the Dallas News Section is the link.
2) Added a few more fanlisting over in the fanlisting links page.
3) Added a member to JR/SE Fanlisting.
October 25
1) Added six new reunion pictures over at the reunion page...click on the link at the bottom to take you to them!! Enjoy!!
November 14
1) Sorry guys that I didn't a big update like I wanted to but all through the week I will try my hardest.
2) I added one member to Charlene's, Howard's, JR and Sue Ellen's, Sue Ellen Ewing's and Linda Gray's Fanlisting.
3) Updated my Dallas News Section.
4) Check the forum for what's coming up though.

Thanks Guys!

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