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Dallas Online Forever's Fanfiction

This is Dallas Online Forever's fanafiction section...my talented writers has wrote some awesome stories including my own two. We don't take credit in creating or is these stories anything related to Dallas. We just want to write about our favorite show. Some of these stories are highly graphic including one of my own. Which means nobody younger than 16 should read them unless are allow too. Some are volient and graphic related...some contents like rape and kidnapping are involving in these stories and should be under cautions. So, I want ya'll to enjoy these stories and more to come...Yellow Rose and Team Ewing.

Click on the story which you wish to read and you can leave you comments on the Dallas Online Forum.
Coming Soon
Could It Be Too Late
Old Friends
Letting Go
Finding My Way Back
Just Like Old Times

Copyright 2004 By: SueEllenFan4ever/Nikie and all of my fanfiction writers and under no reason is to be taken and claim as anybody else.