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About the Creator

All about me!!!!


Of course most of you know who I am...but if you just came across my website. My name is Nikie or alot of ya'll know me by JeannieFan4ever. I'm the creator and owner of Dallas Online Forever. Let me tell ya'll somethings about myself. Well, you know my name is Nikie. I was born September 25, 1988, so I just turn 16. I'm the youngest out of three children...I have an older brother, Brent and sister, Amy. My brother is 17 and my sister is 28. I'm a honor student...I'm part of Spanish and History Clubs. I'm part of the National Honor Society. I have my own car...a 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier...which I have over a month. I'm currently in the middle of job searching. I live in Arkansas. My best friend is name Morgan and I love her to death...so if you read this Morgan...you're my bestest friend!!!! I did this website because I love Dallas and always have since I was like three and been watching it ever since. Plus, I had a big crush on Larry Hagman...still do. My favorite people in the world are JR and Sue Ellen. Love Larry and Linda's Chemistry. I think that Dallas is just one of the best shows of the 80s and still is. Its my favorite show of all and I don't know what I do if I didn't get to see it at least once a day. I would die!!! So, back in April...I thought well hell, I need to do a website and I did...it started out to be a great website but over the months it change and its the website its today. Its changed over five months but the spirits there everyday and my love for it. I have to thank Christo and Giamma for getting me starting on the pictures and then me finding my own and buying them. I have made so many friend over Dallas including Christo himself which I truely dear a lot. He helps so much. My girls over at the script corner or should I say JR/SE corner...that's what it's turn into. I just want to thank the writer and creators of the show...they did and the cast...they are so amazing. I guess that all I have to say. So, I hope you enjoy my website and besure to come again!!!
Best Wishes Always

Things to know about me!!!
My favorite TV shows are: Dallas, IDOJ, Bewitched, Happy Days, Reba and The Brady Bunch.
My favorite movies are: Grease, Gone with the Wind, Legally Blonde, Primary Colors, and Saturday Night Fever.
My favorite color is: Pink ***Always***
My favorite food is: Anything Mexican...mostly Mexican Chicken.
My favorite Soft Drink: Dr. Pepper.

My favorite Singer: Reba McEntire
My favorite Dallas Character & Couple: Character--Sue Ellen Couple--JR & Sue Ellen.
My favorite IDOJ Character and Couple: Character--Tony Couple--The Bellows.
My Best Friend's Name: Morgan
My favorite Disney Movies: Snow White and Pocahontas.
My Car's color: Red
My favorite Dallas Buddy's: SueEllenE_1967, DMS22473, JRBrewing, Mitzie, DallasFan8304, Virty, Jane, and Sarah.

Most popular fanlisting: JR & Sue Ellen Ewing
Most favorite fanlisting *not mine*: The Wedding Episode from IDOJ.
How many times I've got stop by a cop: twice..never a ticket though.

My favorite person to talk to about IDOJ: April
My favorite people to talk to about Dallas: SueEllenE_1967, Sarah, DMS, JRB, Lady G, Jane, Mitz Christo, Virty and all of us at the script corner.

Copyright 2004 By: SueEllenFan4ever