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Dallas Online Forever

Dallas Online Forever- Everything about the Classic Drama starring Larry Hagman!!!! With the best cast ever!!!!

Hey Ya,
Welcome to Dallas Online Forever!!!! Got the new picture section up and check it out under...Dallas Online Forever's Picture Gallery. Also, the DVDs come out on August 24 and I have my own copy and watch a few of them already. Also, I have fanlistings, please join them!!!! I know some people have and I'm so grateful, I have Howard Keel, Barbara Bel Geddes, Charlene Tilton, Linda Gray and Jim Davis, for the characters, JR Ewing and Sue Ellen Ewing, and the couples JR and Sue Ellen Ewing & Miss Ellie & Clayton, also I have the Ewings Vs Barnes Fanlisting, I know there're alot of fans of these people and just prove it by joining. It would help a lot. Plus the live chat with Steve Kanaly which I'm happy about. I've redone alot of the website because the menu was getting too big and making the website too big, which I didn't like. So, I shinked it some by making sections like putting all the fanlistings in one section and all the fanfiction in one section. I've got a new guestbook...don't worry if you have sign it already...you don't have too again. I just transfer from the old one to the new one. I have a forum which is in the middle of getting a new look...please join it and leave a comment or suggesting or a question or anything. I don't care. I'm gonna be putting up more pictures soon and hopefully get them all up. I change the All About The Creator section with new information. So, enjoy learning about me. I talk to ya'll over at the script corner or at the Dallas Forum. Have a great day and like KL4ever always said *REMEMBER THAT SMILE*.
Best Wishes
Creator of Dallas Online Forever
Last Updated: November 14, 2004 @ 1:23 pm



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Dallas News!!!!
  • Return to Southfork: The Dallas Reunion Special is suppose to come out on DVD in 2005 according to Ultimate Dallas. Click here for more information on the reunion and check out the reunion picture gallery.
  • Plus, the live Chat with Steve Kanaly over at Ultimate Dallas chat room. Tuesday November 16. Check Ultimate Dallas for more information.
  • On November 7 we lost one of the greatest actor and singer...Howard Keel...he died at the age 85. Leave your comments about him on my Forum.
  • Larry Hagman and wife Maj are celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary on December 18.


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