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My Favorite Character & Couple

My favorite Character is Sue Ellen Ewing
My favorite Couple will always be Sue Ellen & JR Ewing!!! 


This section is decated to my favorite character and couple!!! Which is the beautiful Sue Ellen Ewing and the couple is of course JR & Sue Ellen!!!! I love them so much, I'm just amazed how they love each other and they always come back to each other. I'm just crazy about them. I love Sue Ellen because of her grace and how she comes through some hard times in her life. I'm such a fan of JR and Sue Ellen that I even have a fanlisting for them. I have mostly pictures of them, I even write fanfiction about them!!!! Well, I know alot of people who are fans and it amazing!!! Soon they will have their own website, God Willing!!!! Go over to their own picture section and see how in love they are!!!! Sue Ellen & JR ROCK!!!!!


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